About Us

Who are we?

The Cost of tuition and college textbooks has been sky rocketing! Unlike housing, automobiles, banks and airlines, no one has stepped-up to help us – The Students. Having experienced the pain of giving an arm and a leg each time we bought, or even rented textbooks at bookstores, we decided to tap the collective power of our student community to make a difference.

Youfari – a combination of two words … You + Fari (speak in Latin)

What do we do?

Youfari’s mission is to make college life affordable and rewarding. As its first product, Youfari provides a platform where students can lend books to each other. This enables students to not only make great money by lending books, but also save tons of money by renting instead of buying books. That’s not all - with every semester that students rent and lends books, more and more trees are saved: yet another way to make a huge collective difference and have power in numbers.

This is a collaborative effort; so in order to create value for each other, we all need to work together. That’s where we need your support – by doing your part is how we all gain the power to make a difference: Please list your textbooks in growing Youfari student marketplace and join our community.

And, we’re not just stopping at textbooks,as Youfari grows, we will roll out new products that will bring significant value to your on-campus and off-campus lives. Stay tuned!

Take this opportunity to earn power and share more at Youfari.