Youfari Buyer Protection Policy

Please read this policy carefully, because it governs how we resolve transaction disputes between renters/buyers and lenders/sellers.

Effective Date

This Youfari Renter/Buyer Protection Policy (“Policy”) is effective as of February 21, 2011.
Introducing the Policy

Youfari hosts the dispute resolution process when renters/buyers claim to a lender/seller that their book was not received or the book they received is different from what was described in the listing. The Youfari resolution process is the primary avenue for settling disputed Youfari transactions and is designed to:

  • Help renters/buyers and lenders/sellers resolve disputes in fewer steps, and provide renters/buyers with a more familiar ecommerce resolution experience.
  • Offer an option to contact Youfari if renters/buyers and lenders/sellers can't reach resolution themselves. We'll take a more active role in ensuring transaction problems are resolved.


All purchases by eligible renters/buyers that meet these conditions and do not fall within an exclusion or coverage limitation are covered by the Policy. Please note that the Policy applies only to the transaction; it is not a product warranty of any kind or a solution for renters/buyers' remorse. This Policy is subject to all of the terms and conditions of

To take advantage of the Policy, renters/buyers should first contact Youfari. Youfari with work with the parties involved and attempt to resolve the issue. Please refer the Youfari Return Policy before contacting Youfari.

Renters/buyers and lenders/sellers permit us to make a final decision, in our sole discretion, on any case that a renter/buyer files with Youfari under the Policy.

Conditions under which a case can be filed under the Policy

Renters/buyers can file a case under the Policy when all of the following are true:

  • You are a buyer or renter of books at Youfari.
  • You completed a purchase of an eligible book on Youfari and submitted a case within 10 days from the date of payment.
  • Your completed purchase was delivered via USPS (Books delivered and accepted via Youfari’s Location Based Services do not qualify for returns/refunds or disputes from buyers/renters).
  • You purchased or rented the book on Youfari.
  • There is a good faith dispute between you and the lender/seller regarding the book. A good faith dispute can include cases such as:

You did not receive the book within 10 days of notification of confirmation of shipment.

You received a book that was different from the one described in the listing.
You received a book that was not as described in the book description.
A good faith dispute does not exist if you improperly claim that the lender/seller has not fulfilled the transaction, if you claim you never received the book when in fact you did, if you refuse to accept shipment of the book, or if you claim the book was not as described but the lender/seller can prove otherwise.

Moreover, a good faith dispute does not include “buyer's remorse” (that is, the book delivered was as described in the description, but you no longer want the book regardless of the reason).  However, even in a case of buyer’s remorse the renter/buyer may open a case and Youfari may refund the renter/buyer and receive reimbursement from the lender/seller if at any point after the sale is completed, the lender/seller agrees in writing through Youfari messages to provide a refund upon receiving a return from the renter/buyer. Once the renter/buyer returns the book using appropriate tracking, the renter/buyer may open a case and Youfari may refund the renter/buyer and recoup from the lender/seller.  If, however, a buyer returns the book without agreement from the lender/seller through Youfari's messages, we will not cover the buyer's case for the return and will not hold the lender/seller accountable (even if the lender/seller’s original Youfari listing stated a return policy).

  • You have not initiated another form of resolution processing, including credit card chargebacks (if you paid by credit card) or PayPal Buyer Protection claims (if you paid by PayPal).

Buyer eligibility and other restrictions

Only renters/buyers who have purchased books on the United States' site are eligible for the Policy. Renters/buyers who file a case through the Policy, but who did not purchase the book on the US site, will be redirected to the existing resolution process for the site they used, if any. Lenders/sellers will use the resolution process initiated by the buyer. Resolution responsibilities and protections are outlined on the site of registration.

Renters/buyers who we believe are attempting to commit or committing fraud are governed by the "Abusing Youfari" conditions of our User Agreement. Fraud in this case can include, but is not limited to, making claims that are not backed by a good faith dispute, making claims in addition to attempting to receive reimbursement from another source (e.g., a credit card chargeback), or any other means by which one can unjustly benefit from Youfari Renter/Buyer Protection. Renters/buyers who fall under the "Abusing Youfari" conditions are subject to our remedies as described in the User Agreement. In addition, we reserve the right to temporarily, indefinitely or permanently suspend your coverage under the Policy, immediately and without prior notice, if we suspect abuse, excessive cases, tampering or interference with the proper working of Policy.

Fraudulent charges not covered

Fraudulent charges to a credit card or a PayPal account are not covered by the Policy. If you notice any charge on your PayPal account that you did not authorize, report this in the PayPal Resolution Center. Fraudulent charges made through your credit card should be resolved with your credit card company.

Resolution of cases under the Policy

Youfari will review the case, run a fraud check, and if the renter/buyer is in good standing and the case meets the requirements of this Policy, we will review additional transaction information to determine if the case is ready for resolution. For example, we may review the USPS shipment confirmation details and renter/buyer and lender/seller previous transactional record at Youfari. Depending upon the nature of the case, resolution may not be proper at that time. For example, if the book is still in transit, we may ask the renter/buyer to wait.

If the case is ready to be resolved, Youfari will contact the lender/seller about the case. The lender/seller will have up to 7 days (or 10 days, in case the transaction is international) to respond to the case. There may be circumstances that warrant Youfari's acceleration of the resolution of the case. If the case is based on a book not received case, then a resolution would include:

  • Reviewing USPS delivery confirmation.
  • Coming to an agreement with the renter/buyer to send the book or a replacement book


  • Refunding the renter/buyer the full cost of the book plus original shipping
  • A renter/buyer may file a book not received case, and Youfari may refund the renter/buyer and receive reimbursement from the lender/seller as stated in this policy, for a book that arrives and is shown to have been shipped outside of lender/seller's stated handling time.  In order for a renter/buyer to receive a refund, a renter/buyer must return the book in accordance with the return requirements of this policy.

If the case is based on a book not as described case, the resolution would include:

  • Responding to the case by providing proof to Youfari that the book was described accurately and consistently throughout the listing and all associated communication (for example, providing documentation that supports "original," "first edition," or similar claims);
  • Agreeing to send a replacement book after the renter/buyer returns the original, if this is what the renter/buyer would prefer;
  • Refunding the renter/buyer up to the full cost of the book plus original shipping.

Unless resolution of the case is accelerated, after 7 days (or 10 days in the case that the transaction is international), Youfari will check with the renter/buyer to see if they are satisfied. If the renter/buyer is satisfied, the case is closed. If we don't hear back from the renter/buyer within an appropriate time, we won't refund them or hold the lender/seller accountable for the transaction.
If the renter/buyer informs Youfari that no resolution has been reached, Youfari will review the case. If we find "book not received" cases in the renter/buyer's favor, Youfari will direct the seller/lender to refund the full cost of the book (including any applicable sales tax) and original shipping to the renter/buyer.
If we resolve "book not as described" cases in the renter/buyer's favor, we will in most circumstances ask the renter/buyer to return the book to the lender/seller before we refund the renter/buyer and try to recover the refund amount from the lender/seller.  In those cases, we'll ask the renter/buyer to promptly provide a shipping tracking number to us; for books valued over $250, we'll also require the renter/buyer to provide signature confirmation.  Return shipping will be at the renter/buyer's expense. Once we have confirmed that the book was returned to the lender/seller, we will refund the full cost of the book (including any applicable sales tax, if any) and original shipping to the renter/buyer. All claims need to be filed by renters/buyers within 10 days of confirmation of USPS delivery.
Renters/buyers will not be required to return a book where the lender/seller's geographic location is different from that shown on the listing (in violation of Youfari policies), unless the lender/seller pays for return shipping.
Refunds will be made with a PayPal credit. Renters/buyers with an active PayPal account will simply log in to PayPal to claim the refund. Renters/buyers without a PayPal account will be asked to create one with their Youfari registered email address to claim the refund. Full details on how to create and use PayPal accounts can be found on the PayPal website. In the unlikely event we are unable to send refunds to a PayPal account, we may provide refunds by voucher or coupon redeemable for purchases on Youfari.
PayPal Insertion fee and other fees will not be refunded.  For cases where a determination is made against the lender/seller by Youfari (a lender/seller unresolved case), the lender/seller will be charged all shipping charges and any fees associated with the transaction.
There may be times when Youfari – in its sole discretion – opts to reimburse the renter/buyer without any impact on the lender/seller.

How lenders/sellers may be protected from losing a claim

For "book not as described" cases, lenders/sellers may protect themselves from losing a case if they provide clear documentation that the book was described accurately and consistently throughout the listing and all associated communication. For example, cases may be resolved in the lender/seller's favor when the lender/seller provides documentation that:

  1. the renter/buyer complains that the book is used, not new, and the listing and all associated communication clearly and consistently describes the book as used, or
  2. a defect in the book was correctly described by the lender/seller, or
  3. the book was properly described, but the renter/buyer didn't want it after they received it, or
  4. the book was properly described but did not meet renters/buyers' expectations, or
  5. the book has minor scratches and was listed as used condition.

Reimbursements from Lenders/Sellers

We require Youfari lenders/sellers to comply with our resolution process. Lenders/sellers permit us to make a final decision, in our sole discretion, on any case that a renter/buyer opens with Youfari under the Policy. For lender/seller unresolved cases decided in favor of the renter/buyer, lender/seller will refund the renter/buyer for the full cost of the book (including any applicable sales tax) and the original shipping.  Other requirements for lenders/sellers:

  • Lenders/sellers must have a reimbursement method on file with Youfari.
  • Lenders/sellers agree to allow us to remove funds from their PayPal accounts for amounts due to renters/buyers. Lenders/sellers may change this reimbursement method by contacting Youfari.  However, we reserve the right to continue using the lenders/sellers' PayPal account for Youfari Renter/Buyer Protection cases associated with Youfari transactions paid for before the change.
  • Where there are insufficient funds in PayPal accounts or where PayPal is not the reimbursement method of a lender/seller, we will require another reimbursement method.
  • Lenders/sellers agree to allow us to charge the payment method, usually a credit card they designate for amounts due renters/buyers.

Changing a reimbursement method will not affect Youfari's use of a payment method on file for other purposes (such as payment of Youfari fees). If lenders/sellers do not provide Youfari with a valid reimbursement method, we may collect amounts owed using other collection mechanisms, including retaining collection agencies. We may also suspend or restrict lenders/sellers from trading on our sites until payment is made.

Correcting Mistakes in Payments to Renters/Buyers or Lenders/sellers

We reserve the right to fix any processing errors we discover. We will correct any processing errors by debiting or crediting the payment method used for the erroneous Policy refund or reimbursement.